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A little wisdom . . .


The pouring rain floods the small patio outside the sliding glass door. Still in my pajamas I watch from the comfort of my bed.  I wish to lay her all day long, listening to the falling rain, and alternating between reading my latest book club pick and playing Words with Friends.  If a friend were telling me that she wanted to lounge in bed all day I would say, “Do it, take time for yourself, your body and soul is sending you a message, slow down.” Why is it always harder to follow my own advice? 

I put down my phone and my book and make my bed. My To Do list is waiting. Even in the pouring rain, I can find a coffee shop and do some writing, continue my home search and work on my next project. I pack my things and bundle up. Laguna is as nice a place as any to sit and work on a rainy day.  

Driving south on Pacific Coast Highway  the rain has stopped. The sky changes from long gray curtains to great puffs of white, until patches of blue break through.  I park my car and walk toward the coffee shop. This break cannot last for long, rain is in the forecast for the entire day. 

I squint through the sun’s bright reflection on the water and Main Beach comes into view. Warming up, I  first remove my coat and then my scarf and find an empty bench on the boardwalk. I decide work can wait. Taking in the sunshine and all the shades of blue, I pause and gift myself all the beauty that lays before me.  

Having passed on my first opportunity to slow my pace, I gratefully take this second chance to reset my mind before moving on with the business of the day. I let go of the belief that I am wasting precious time, an idea that once ruled my days and stole my peace.

I smile into the sun, grateful for the wisdom that tells me that right here in this moment is exactly where I need to be.


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