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Take the time to pause . . .


Lifting weights and pushing through the last of my sit-ups, I wrap up my morning workout. I find it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I always have, something that came naturally. Exercise and diets have never been on my list of New Year’s resolutions. That is, if I actually made a list. 

Laying on my back, I stretch and gaze at the ceiling, breathe deeply, pause, and exhale.  Now that’s something I’ve struggled with my whole life, and have to practice every single day . . . 

the pause. 

It’s always been difficult for me to slow down, to relieve my mind of rapid fire thinking. I have a tendency to ruminate in the past and worry about the future. And when life doesn’t go my way it’s even harder for me to stop and reset my thoughts. I find the practice of pausing helps me to be a better listener and observer, to pay attention to the beautiful details of daily life. When I pause I find peace and gratitude again.

One last deep breath and I pause once more before exhaling. 

So long 2018, you’ve been amazing, full of love, lessons and growing. 

Still no list of resolutions for 2019, only the promise to pause . . . to listen, to see, to feel, and hear all the Universe has to offer.

Happy New Year my friends! I love you.



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