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My Dad . . .

Dear Friends,
I have written over 100 posts and this is probably my favorite. I wrote this one year ago in honor of my dad and his 76th birthday. Tomorrow, February 1st he would have been 77. I miss him so damn much. Love you dad. xox

Bare Naked in Public

Mary in HB Valentine's weekend 2010 081I think of my dad throughout the day, every day. Memories play like a movie in my head, vivid and beautiful. I rewind, play, rewind, and play again. He is laughing and sharing his wisdom, and sometimes he is filled with sadness. I see him, I hear him and I feel his presence, an energy that comforts me. Memories arise with regularity from the routine and random happenings of my days. Driving home from work, I approach the familiar left turn and I want to stop by the house, the house where I grew up. My heels click on the Mexican pavers as I enter his den; he wonders which of his girls is here tonight. I find him sitting at his large oak desk in the dimly lit corner of the room, eyes lifted looking just above his glasses. Christini he says, exaggerating the long vowel sounds. Smiling he offers his cheek for me…

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