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My Valentines . . .

Happy Valentine’s Day. . . Love yourself, love everyone and believe everyone loves you. It makes the world a better place. I promise.

Bare Naked in Public


Evening walk on the beach trail, Santa Ana winds have cleared the sky, stars shine, and the moon hides. Catalina’s silhouette glows in the distance. I glance at the homes across the highway, wondering if my neighbors are enjoying the beautiful view. Elegant pendant lamps catch my eye, and a man tidies his living room on the second floor. Helium filled heart-shaped balloons, nudged by the gentle ocean breeze, dance across the floor toward him. He is someone’s Valentine. He casually pushes them away. I shake my head, yet another reminder that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. I want to be annoyed, and tell it to go away, but I smile instead, knowing that it’s better for my heart and mind.
As a little girl I LOVED Valentine’s Day. Carefully writing and decorating cards, I’d choose the best one for my latest victim of puppy love, even adding an extra, Be…

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