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I can see clearly now . . .


Happy New Year Friends!

It’s been a little more than five years since I created my blog. Using personal stories and photographs I opened a small window into my life and shared it with you, my faithful followers. You responded to my posts with hearts and smily faces and our friendship grew. 

My blog posts are less frequent these days, but I am no less committed to writing, posting at least once a month. However, if you’re needing a little more Bare Naked In Public in your life, I write short snippets on Facebook and Instagram nearly every day. Instagram has become my favorite social media outlet. I share tons of photographs there and it’s quite possible they are more popular than my writing. And that’s okay, because pictures tell stories too. 

Scattering my stories on different social media outlets expanded my reach. It also led to writing for a small publication, connecting with other writers, and ultimately drafting my first book, a memoir.

My plan is to have my latest manuscript completed by the end of January.  And, I hope to query publishers in February.  The chances of having my book grabbed up by a traditional publisher are slim to none. Once I’ve been sufficiently rejected :-), I’ll try self-publishing, even if that means posting a chapter a week on my blog!!

Whether you have followed me from the very start, or have only recently discovered me I am grateful to you for your support.  Thank you for taking the time to read my stories, acknowledge my work, and follow my journey. You make my day. 

I move into 2020, eyes wide open, with more clarity and purpose than I have felt in some time.

I wish the same for you . . . Happy New Year!



If you are interested in seeing more of my photography you can find me on Instagram, @barenakedinpublic. There is a link to my blog in my profile. 

If you are interested in receiving emails notifications whenever I post a blog story go directly to my blog, barenakedipublic.com. Sign up as a follower and provide your email address.

I also have a facebook page of the same name. You can like the page and see my posts  there as well. 

Finally, I am always grateful when you pass along my information to friends and family so they may follow too. 


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