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Love is always in season . . .


As we gather to celebrate the season we share our stories. In my own life there are so many reasons for joy; good friends, a close-knit family, my precious grandkids, and a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Many people in my life have equally good reasons for joy. Their happiness is my happiness. There are also many who suffer. Β If you met them you wouldn’t know. They are doing their best to be merry and bright in the face of some pretty tough times. Β Serious health issues, the recent loss of a loved one and difficult financial times are weighing heavily on their hearts and minds. Loneliness, depression and heartache don’t take a break for the holidays. I feel their heartache too.

This holiday season celebrate every reason for joy, and acknowledge loss. More importantly, reach out to those who need some love, a helping hand, or simply acknowledgment of their pain.

There is just one human race, and we all belong. What happens to one of us, happens to all of us.

Make the season of love last all year . . .





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