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Detours . . .


Bedding and sheets lay neatly folded in cardboard boxes in the corner of the guest room. Gigantic plastic bags stuffed full with new pillows are piled high on the corner chair. Two suitcases packed with the only clothes I own, and a single chair I purchased on sale a few weeks ago are ready for moving day. Since my return to California six months ago, I have relied on the generosity of friends and their guest bedroom offerings as I tried to figure out my life. Today I move into my new place, alone, on my own. I swore when I returned that I would rent a small furnished bedroom in someone’s home; remaining unencumbered, and sticking to my two suitcase rule.  And now I find myself renting a one bedroom apartment in a beautiful old craftsman, not at all what I planned or expected.  

A few weeks ago, as the skies unleashed on a Monday afternoon, I sat staring at my laptop, sick and tired of scanning rental ads. Everything looked the same, ugly. Frustrated, I left the cozy comfort of the coffee shop and set out in the pouring rain. Up and down the numbered streets I drove, looking for posted rental signs. I had to do a double take when I saw the stately craftsman with a red “For Rent” sign in front of the first floor unit. In the thirty years I have admired this building I have NEVER seen anyone  move-in or move-out. And even though I owned a home, I always said I would live there one day.  I dashed out into the downpour and took a snap shot of the sign with rental details. The following day I walked through the property.  No dishwasher, no garbage disposal, and over one hundred years old, it was pure magic, I wanted it immediately. I completed an application and by Sunday I signed a one year lease. 

Six months ago I said I would absolutely not move back to my home town. I had big, big plans. When those didn’t work out, I made smaller plans. And when those didn’t work out, I got stuck in old thinking. I doubted myself and my ability to live my best life.  It was time to declutter my  mind. I slowed way down, paused and simply listened. Unhurried, my heart opened to opportunities I had not considered and POOF . . . something magic came my way. 

I guess John Lennon was right when he said . . .

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

Turns out the Universe knew best . . . always does 


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