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To whom it may concern . . .


To whom it may concern:

Don’t wait . . . don’t wait to tell someone you don’t love them anymore, or that you never did, or that you have fallen in love with someone else. Don’t linger in a relationship because you have nothing better to do, or because it feeds your ego, or because you are afraid of hurting someone. Don’t rationalize your cowardice with excuses about the right time or the right place. There is no good time to break someone’s heart. But when you know in your heart you are finished, honor the relationship’s end with dignity by telling the truth as soon as possible.

Don’t fucking pretend . . . don’t pretend that you are still in love. Don’t use terms of endearment and kiss them tenderly. It’s cruel. While you pretend they continue to trust you, to believe in you and a future. Waiting and pretending robs them of precious time; time to hurt, and heal and find someone who believes they are amazing exactly as they are.Don’t hold their heart hostage and steal their opportunities for real love.

Truth? I’ve been on both sides of this equation. Believe me when I say the regret can be unbearable. It took years to rebuild my character, my integrity.

Ending relationships is never easy. There is pain, sadness and often anger. Hard truths can hurt in the best circumstances. And heartache is only made worse by deceit as you drag out the inevitable conclusion.

As you read these words, you know right now if this is you. Don’t perpetuate false hope. Let them go, give them a chance at true love . . . sooner than later.


A friend

PS . . . If you are on the receiving end of this heartache, I promise you, you deserve more.

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