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A mother’s work . . .

I wrote this post a year ago . . . If you’re fortunate enough to have your mama walking the planet, LOVE her!!!! Even if she was less than perfect, even if she made mistakes, even if you don’t speak to her, LOVE her. And if you cannot love her, then forgive her. It’s the greatest gift you can give yourself. BIG love to all the mamas in my life. In some way each of you has help me to be a better mother.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Bare Naked in Public


In the weeks before Mother’s Day, I had planned to write a glorious and glowing post about motherhood.  I felt sure that words would emerge and my story would unfold. Yet, I sat for hours; the heat of my laptop warming my thighs as my fingers clicked away, typing words that just didn’t belong to me. I struggled to express what I felt in my heart. Too melancholy for a celebratory post I put my laptop away for a few days.

Instead, I focused on my Sunday before Mother’s Day ritual, handpicking cards and writing personal notes to my girlfriends, sisters and aunts. Since my mom’s passing, I have honored her by celebrating the amazing moms I know and admire. As I dropped my stack of cards into the mailbox, I smiled thinking about each one of them opening my small gift and smiling too.

With Mother’s Day nearing, I…

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2 Responses to “A mother’s work . . .”

  1. Susy amoroso

    Opened my card, so pretty with flowers and a bird. Loved the “bonus mom” sentiment! Smiles

    Liked by 1 person


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