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Christmas thank you . . .

Christmas thank you . . .FullSizeRender

Dear Readers,

Some of you I know only through the blogosphere, others through Facebook, and many of you are family and old friends. In any case, you are all readers and I want to thank you for following my blog throughout the year. Your comments and encouraging words inspire me to continue writing, to do what I believe I am meant to do in this life of mine.

Funny thing about writing a blog, unless someone leaves a comment or “likes” a post, I have no idea who reads it, and I certainly don’t know what they think about my words. With so many holiday gatherings, I am spending lots of time with family and friends. On more than a couple of occasions, friends have said, I love your blog, I never leave a comment, but I do read it and I love it.  In the same breath they will say to anyone near, You should read it, you’d really like it.  I sometimes wonder if they can see me glowing from the inside out. I am so unbelievably grateful, and proud of those words.

I started my blog to save myself. Along the way I helped a few people, grew my heart a little bigger and made my life a little better. I could not have done this without you taking the time to read my blog, and sometimes saying . . .  keep going. 

During this holiday season my wish for you is this . . . Find the time to do the things that make your heart grow bigger, your life a little better, and remind you . . .  this is why you are on the planet. I encourage you to follow your desire, and capture your dream. Life is too damn short to do it any differently.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading my little stories, and your continued support. I wish you a very Merry Christmas and New Year filled with living your dreams!



20 Responses to “Christmas thank you . . .”

  1. Laura O'leary

    Merry Christmas! I love reading your blog! I just started reading it a few months ago, but I’m really enjoying your messages.


  2. judy

    First off…I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas. It is interesting how so many people don’t respond. I will be wearing some hip piece of jewelry and so many people will stare at it, but no one ever comments. hmmmmm

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  3. davebarclay1954

    Firstly, have a fantastic time over the holidays and come back stronger in 2016. Secondly, I don’t always comment on posts unless I find them amusing or amazing or both. Take care and let’s keep growing every single day.

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  4. Cathy Kennedy

    Good words of advice! The Christmas holiday season kept me busier than past Christmases, but I enjoyed every second. I hope all the best for you in the new year & may each of us continue to grow in the things we love to do! 😊


  5. beauideal13

    Merry Xmas and a Happy 2016. May the this new year be the new chapter in your life – filled with colours of the rainbow, abundance of happiness and laughter all year round.

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