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Thanksgiving. . . no manual needed



When I started my blog, I intended to include a lot more photographs. I even purchased a camera, and plan to invest some time learning how to use it, maybe even take a class.  Years ago I had a manual 35mm camera and actually knew how to use all of the settings. If I had that camera today, I wouldn’t know what to do with it. Like most people, I moved on to digital, auto everything. Before long, my iPhone was the only camera I used, but  it definitely has its limitations. I love my new camera. I love the way it looks and feels, but I am beyond frustrated with learning how to use it. I hate, I repeat HATE reading manuals. Soooo . . . I’m pretending to know what I’m doing. I have taken some great pictures, but it’s purely accidental. I randomly push buttons and turn it off and on when I get stuck. I’m clueless, really. kennick mike&boys Fast forward to Thanksgiving Day, I had big plans to play with my new camera and capture all kinds beautiful images. That morning I was switching lenses because the evening before I had taken some sunset shots with a telephoto lens, and I wanted to remove it. I struggled to get the smaller lens connected properly. I kept getting an error messages that I didn’t understand and I was cursing myself for not reading the damn manual. I’ll digress for a quick side story . . . .my 2nd ex-husband HATED that I would not read manuals. He loved to catch me swearing over some newly purchased item so he could say . . . Did you read the manual? knowing full well that I had not! That only led to more swearing, only now I was swearing at him. I just realized there is another side story here . . . yes, I have two ex-husbands, another story for another time . . . . Anyway back to this story. Bottom line, the lens was broken, the little automatic eyelid that closes over the lens was jammed, cracked a little, and would not open. As I write this I am annoyed. I don’t know the name of the little eyelid thingy because I have not read the stupid manual. UGH! My stomach felt a little sick because I spent a lot of money on the camera. Worse yet, my plans to capture precious Thanksgiving moments were dashed. I was so disappointed. And then it occurred to me . . .  Calm down and be grateful. It’s Thanksgiving. It’s 80 degrees, an absolutely beautiful Southern California day. I would be spending the day with family and friends, people I love. I could still take pictures with my phone, no manual needed. Ta Dah!!!! little girlsbabygirlies

I guess I’ve always believed that most things can be figured out without ever reading a manual. That strategy has worked for me most of the time. I realize now that I have learned the hardest and best lessons because there was no manual. I had to figure out a lot of stuff on my own. Experience was a great teacher. Sometimes I wonder, if there was a manual for life’s lessons would I have read it?? Hmmmmm

 lightsgirlAnju I’ve boxed up my camera and I’m ready to tell my sad story to Best Buy hoping I won’t have to pay for a new lens. Once fixed, this is probably one of those times I should read the manual. And I will . . . I mean it. . . . seriously. For now, I’ll use my phone. I’ve posted some random pix of my Thanksgiving day for your viewing pleasure. 🙂 The quality isn’t very good, I know. But aren’t my peeps beautiful? xo ps – I stole the last picture off Facebook from my sister . . . no manual needed 🙂 theboys

6 Responses to “Thanksgiving. . . no manual needed”

  1. judy

    When I was in 1st and 2nd grade my teacher(Mrs Horak, who loved me and was at my wedding 30 yrs later)wrote”Doesn’t follow directions” Nothing has changed. hahahh Basil doesn’t ever ask if I have read the manual because he knows the anwser. One of the many things I love about him is that he reads the manuals, then tells me how to do it. 🙂

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  2. Mary

    I’ve looked forward to reading your posts every day. They are just so honest and always encourage me to think and feel more positive. Thank you! I’m going to miss your daily “gratitude” posts.

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