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Thank a teacher . . .


Growing up I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. I loved everything about school, reading, math, music, friendships, and lunch time socializing. I was fortunate, for the most part, learning came easy for me. And when it wasn’t easy, I had good teachers who helped me. I had many favorite teachers over the years. I admired them and was inspired by their work to go into the teaching profession.

By the time I entered college, many teachers were leaving the profession, some voluntarily, others were being laid off. For those entering the work force there simply were no jobs. My dad strongly encouraged me to get a degree in business. I can still hear his words, “Become an accountant. You’ll always have a job.” So . . . that’s what I did.

I worked in the accounting field for thirteen years. I loved my colleagues, but I never, ever, loved the work. As often as I could, a few hours a month, I would sneak away and volunteer in my children’s classrooms, that was the work I loved, that is where I loved to be. Life was too short to continue doing work I did not enjoy. I went back to school to earn my teaching credential. I LOVED school all over again. With the help of a very understanding boss, I was able to earn my credential, while I worked full-time.

For six fulfilling years I taught 2nd and 3rd grade. During that time I continued my education, earning a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership. This year marks my twelfth year as a school  administrator.  I have so much gratitude associated with this life changing decision. I am grateful for the kiddos, every shape, size, color, personality, and ability level, who teach me something cool or interesting, and even unexpected, every single day. I am grateful for the many wonderful teachers I have worked with in the past, and those I work with today. I can tell you that based on what I witness everyday, the extraordinary work of students and teachers, our world’s future is bright because good things are happening in classrooms. THANK YOU TEACHERS!

I am grateful for the strength and courage I pulled out of a hat. Somehow I believed that I could go back to school and make this significant career change without the support of my husband, and then as a single parent with teenagers to raise. The scariest part was the huge pay cut associated with this change, tough but not impossible.

I remember my dad telling me as a teenager that we girls,  his daughters, were lucky to be growing up a time when we could be or do anything we could imagine. We had choices that women before us did not have. That really stuck with me. Funny though, how this same man discouraged me from following my dream. Looking back,  I know he was trying to protect me, he wanted to ensure I’d be gainfully employed and able to take care of myself.  When I told him about my decision to change careers, he was thrilled for me, and when I became a teacher and then a principal he was so, so proud.

Grateful for the courage to make a change,  grateful to work in a profession that I love, and grateful for teachers, including my dad . . .  definitely one of my favorite teachers.


8 Responses to “Thank a teacher . . .”

  1. SilverGirl

    It’s so hard to make the big changes – divorce and a complete career change that takes guts considering many stay in unhealthy marriages and jobs they loathe their whole lives.
    Kudos to you.
    I’ll have to add ‘The Teacher’ Archetype.. you’ve inspired me.

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    • Change Mentor

      If you love numbers, become an accountant. If you love the law, become a lawyer. And if you love teaching, become a teacher. It is vital to our own equanimity, and to those in our lives (whether family, clients, co-workers, friends, or even the clerk at the grocery store) that we each follow our passion. Thank you for being the teacher you are, the administrator you are, the person you are! Thank you for following your passion.

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  2. SoJO

    …and you don’t know how many people are grateful for you, Christine! Your passion and commitment to kids and teachers is a real gift to many. I felt so privileged to work with you and I am grateful for your constant commitment in a world that is sometimes not so kind to teachers and administrators.

    You make a difference! On so many occasions over the last few years I have been thankful for you and your advocacy for children. Thank YOU!!

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  3. lbeth1950

    Wonderful commentary. Glad you had the courage to go back and do what you were meant for. I know you inspire those you lead every day. I love your optimism Thanks for writing.

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