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Grateful for never being too old . . .


I started my blog a couple of months ago as outlet for taking creative risks, and to learn a thing or two about myself in the process. For me, writing leads me down the road to some honest to goodness soul-searching. I  dig around in the muck for a bit and a story reveals itself to me. Even when I’m up to my knees in the stuff, and the process feels a little painful, my heart and mind are always at peace when I write.

The entire blog writing experience has been bigger than I could have imagined in terms of impact on my personal growth. A mini epiphany made me realize that my creative self is urging my pragmatic self to heal and grow. . .

Today I said something that made me believe that all the jumping I’ve been doing through these little self-help hoops might be paying off. Someone asked me how I was doing and I actually said these words . . . hang on to your hats . . . “Nothing has really changed in my life. What has changed in how I react to those things.” Those words came from my lips!! You may be thinking this sounds like the gazillion quotes plastered on Facebook and the Blogosphere.  I should know, I’m constantly using them. But today, these words made perfect sense to me. I said them easily and I meant them, they felt like words I had invented.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I am making progress. You can’t see me, but I’m smiling.

Today I am grateful for being an old dog who learned a new trick.


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