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A beautiful day in the neighborhood . . . grateful


I live in a beautiful place. I can see the Pacific Ocean from my home and can walk on the beach every day if I choose, and most days I do. I grew up in this town and have lived in my current home at the beach for 20 years. I have great neighbors who I consider family. I spend weekends riding my bike and meeting up with friends. I can even ride my bike to my grandson’s house. My sister Mare, who lives in Utah, bought a condo across the street and visits often. She has made my neighborhood even brighter.

I am out and about quite often, wearing my signature pigtails and baseball cap. Friends spot me on the pier, walking on the bike trail or on Main Street. If they don’t see me, I see them. It doesn’t matter if it’s been hours, days or weeks since I have seen them, the hugs and kisses are always warm and welcome.

Today I am grateful for my little neighborhood, my hometown and the wonderful friends who spy me and take the time to smile, say hello and make me feel loved.

Dang . . . I’m lucky


ps . . . and the gratitude continues

7 Responses to “A beautiful day in the neighborhood . . . grateful”

  1. SilverGirl

    Fabulous! I need to get this gratitude thing going and stop feeling sorry for myself… :o)
    I too live in a beautiful area with beaches a 5 min walk away. Grateful for your post .. and grateful for the beautiful area I live in :o)

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      • SilverGirl

        I’m going to try it … the being grateful and the getting out in the sunshine. I’m overlooking all the wonderful things I have and focusing only on the negatives.. not healthy!
        PS. Great photo, looking relaxed :o)


  2. healingjourneywithnature

    You live in heaven 🙂 This is what I want. Law of attraction means I need to start believing in it. 🙂

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  3. thegirldish

    I think I need to start gratitude posts! I must say I’m envious of the climate in which you live. Here in Pennsylvania it was 14 degrees this morning and we are preparing for a cold, snowy winter. I love experiencing all of the seasons here in PA, but I am so envious of your sunshine and view of the Pacific Ocean!! Enjoy it for me soul sister!!!

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