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A little help from my friends . . .

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And the daily gratitude posts continue . . .

Today I am especially grateful for my friends, ALL of my friends. I recognize that social media has broadened the definition of friendship. I sometimes refer to a friend as a Facebook friend, distinguishing them from those I might see on a regular basis, my longtime friends who know my deep dark secrets.  That said; now that I share my blog even complete strangers know very intimate details about me. Are they friends too?

When I started my blog I had no idea how it would unfold, or the unintended benefits I would reap. I find that the more personal and difficult the life lesson I share the greater number of profound and thoughtful responses I receive. My readers range from dear friends to random folks who have discovered my blog. Whoever they are, their private and public replies to my writing sometimes reveal painful shared experiences. I am often thanked for shining a light on topics they have been too ashamed or embarrassed to speak of with their own friends and family. Many times, I receive words of encouragement, to keep writing, to keep telling my stories.

While I am happy that my words resonate with so many, I am beyond grateful to my readers who validate my feelings, my worries, my hopes and dreams with their kind words of support or even a simple “like” on my page. They remind me that I am not alone in this world, and if I am brave enough to reach out to the Universe it answers with exactly what I need.

I know it’s easy to be cynical about friendships today, questioning who our friends really are . . . for me a friend is someone who is willing to connect for a minute, an hour, a day, or a lifetime, and say  I’m here, I understand, I support you . . . no judgment.

I am grateful for each and every one of you. .  . . Pass it on 🙂


13 Responses to “A little help from my friends . . .”

  1. SoJO

    You have incredible strength and courage. I’m thinking if you these days with your son. Your post inspires me to be a better friend to all. You are a fabulous model the ideal friend!
    Thanks for always thinking of others and also caring for yourself.

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  2. SilverGirl

    I feel the same way, it seems a lot of us do. Writing is great therapy but even greater when you share your story, your personal pain and allow yourself to be an open book – vulnerable, painfully honest. It’s terrifying at first, but it surprisingly brings the greatest gifts and the ultimate sense of freedom.
    You get accepted for who you are, warts and all – maybe we don’t expect that… and then you begin to ‘see’ yourself and love and accept who you are .. all of you.. the good, the bad, the ugly and the strange :o)
    You have great heart and insight and express it so beautifully.

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  3. peter farrell

    I am not as insightful or well written as some of your responders, but most of your words resonate strongly with me.Thankyou!

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  4. Judy

    It is interesting when someone opens up and talks about very personal things it opens the door for others to feel safe to share their stories.

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