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Grateful for Serenity . . . now


Today I am grateful for serenity. A year ago I would not have recognized serenity if it hit me over the head. My life was messy and anything but serene. I participated in life as if it was an endurance test. I invited chaos into my home and my heart. I equated running around like a chicken with my head cut off as being productive. I thought handling high levels of stress and anxiety was just the price I paid for having a job I loved. My therapist would say I was a human doing and not a human being . . .  and she was right.

After a lot of hard work, now, I make choices that result in a more stable and peaceful life for myself, a life designed for me.

While my days are hardly a picture of calm from beginning to end, I am able to pause, when I need to, and deliberately and purposefully create a little oasis in my soul. In these moments I can see with clarity how I can be better mom, a better sister, a better friend, and even a better principal. In these moments, I leave regret and worry behind, and the possibilities unfold.

Serenity has changed my life, my outlook and my attitude, one peaceful moment at a time.


ps . . . there are no short cuts on this path. . .

5 Responses to “Grateful for Serenity . . . now”

  1. phyllis kerlin

    WOW. love this and good for you! chicken with head cut off not pretty chicken. so glad you have a great therapist love you xop

    Liked by 1 person


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