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Making it last . . .


Love is in the air . . . well not for me, but I’m certainly surrounded by it lately.  A few weeks ago I sat under the shade of redwoods and listened to a young couple speak their wedding vows, sharing their love story so beautifully. The following week, sipping wine at a backyard barbecue two couples compared the crazy similarities of their love stories. First meeting in high school, then moving out of state, marrying other people, eventually divorcing, and then finding their way back to one another. After more than twenty years! A few days later, I spent time with my bookclub girlfriends, eating a delicious meal and drinking wine. After discussing the book, we stumbled onto the topic of divorce and the redemption of finding love again. 

Among my friends there are those who found “the one” the first time around and have been married twenty, thirty, even forty years.  Others have gone through tough divorces, lots of hurt and anger, but say they’d do it all again to be with their one true love. I’ve seen proof that the third time really can be a charm. A huge relief because I’m counting on it.

I enjoy watching and listening to the love stories unfold, even if I have heard them before. The talking over one another to confirm accuracy, the chiming in for missed details and the playful teasing reflect the comfort of a good partnership. I can only be happy for them. 

I admit to occasionally comparing my myself to their success. It’s sometimes lonely to be the single person among married friends. But I can’t complain. My life is good in so many ways. Besides, I remind myself, it’s never too late if I want to try again.

I have found and lost love in just about every possible way. When my relationships were doomed, I hung on to the hope that it would work out because I had seen long shots work out for my friends. As they found lasting love in the most unlikely ways, I was sure it could happen for me too. 

Of course no relationship is perfect. I’ve watched from the sidelines and seen my friends hit some rough patches, but they have come through stronger as individuals  and as couples. 

When I compliment them on their lasting relationships or ask what makes it work, they talk about hard work and the commitment to one another.  But mostly they smile and chalk it up to luck, and feel grateful to have lasting love.

I’ve heard the stories, I know the players, even watched them beat the odds. 

I see this . . .

When two people love each other, when they want to be together for the rest of their lives . . . 

They find a way . . . and they make it happen . . .


2 Responses to “Making it last . . .”

  1. judy

    Another lovely post. I like what you wrote “they make it happen” I think that is true with anything that you really want.

    Liked by 1 person


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