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Unexpected . . .


A morning of soccer, my body aches. I treat myself to a massage, communal style. A whispering masseuse  directs me to my waiting bed, among several others. I sit on its edge, a steaming tub of water soothes my tired feet, calloused and sore. She stands behind me and holds a small patterned apron across my chest as I breath deeply and struggle to remove my damp sports bra. Strings pull tightly under my arms and across my back, and then relax as she completes the knot, holding the apron in place.

My neck, shoulders, and back exposed; I am calm, my breathing deep, eyes closed, head bowed, and hair tousled. I had removed the rubber bands, leaving them in my car’s dusty cup holder, forgetting I would need them to pull my hair up and away from my neck and shoulders. I wished for a moment that I had remembered to bring at least one hair tie with me. But before my thought is complete gentle hands work to pull my hair away from my face, fingers comb through the tangled mess, and carefully she tucks stray strands behind my ears. She does this several times, so gently, until my hair cooperates and is fastened into a loose pony tail.

This gentle taming of my hair seems to last an eternity. This simple gesture releases sweet memories, silently tears stream through closed eyes, soaking my cheeks and neck. I let them flow. And, I allow myself to remember, to feel, the loving touch of every hand that has ever gently brushed my hair from my face . . . to see my eyes . . . listen to my stories . . . or soothe my worried mind. The memories are vivid, as though I am having a beautiful dream. I savor the moment.

As she begins the massage, first with my face, I wonder if she notices the sticky residue of my tears. I imagine she is accustom to such a response and I am not embarrassed.  I have to believe she realizes the power of even her incidental touch, so simple and so tender. She is a healer.

It’s late. I’m sleepy. I close my eyes, run my fingers through my hair and smile . . . .


13 Responses to “Unexpected . . .”

  1. Sirk Zena

    Love, love, love the way you tell your story. Simply beautiful and very powerful.

    She heals with her hands and you with your words. Looking forward to your next post.

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  2. Bare Naked in Public

    Reblogged this on Bare Naked in Public and commented:

    A friend reminded me of this post from earlier this year. She also noticed that I had been writing less. I’ve been so busy. Looking forward to summer break and much more writing. For this reblog is for you Wendy xoxo


  3. calensariel

    I got sleepy just reading this. The same thing happens to me when I get my feet massaged. I just close my eyes and go somewhere till Heika wakes me up. Smile.

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  4. Judy Jennings-Gunther

    I can read your stories over and over and never get tired. Beautiful descriptions as always.

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