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My Words to Live by

  1. Never let someone find you the same way that they left you
  2. Pretend everything is going to be okay until it is
  3. There is enough room in the world for everyone to be amazing
  4. BE bare naked in public as often as possible

4 Responses to “My Words to Live by”

  1. Mary

    The twelve year old girl you describe IS the woman I see in you. I’m saddened by the thought that you can’t see if or by how life changed your view of yourself. You may think that it’s just your friend saying nice things, but the twelve year old is the YOU I LOVE. Find her and OWN her because she is there – yours for the taking.

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  2. phyllis kerlin

    So, I totally adore my 12 year old self and think of her all the time. I think you captured yours beautifully and I would like to go on a bike ride with her…hopefully with scabby knees.

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