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Group Gratitude . . .

Bare Naked in Public


Late this afternoon I found myself driving on the California freeways as the sun was setting. I was coming home from a day in LA. Pink and blue cotton candy clouds filled the sky and I knew sunset at the beach would be amazing. According to Siri and her skillful navigation, I would be home just in time to catch it.

As I drove down my street, Catalina sat on the horizon, straight ahead . . .  the sun setting behind her, the sky a beautiful magenta. I quickly parked my car and with my phone in hand ran to the beach. In just a couple blocks, I passed several people headed the same direction to join the gathering crowd, some with fancy cameras, some with phones like me, and of course the surfers, just taking it in. I snapped a few shots. Unable to capture the richness of the colors, I decided to enjoy the view with my very own eyeballs.

IMG_7154IMG_7159 (1)

As the…

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2 Responses to “Group Gratitude . . .”

  1. judy

    Several weeks ago it was a particularly beautiful sunset. I decided to walk down to the dock (which is about 100yds from my house)I was not the only one with the great idea. So many people had come out to experience the beauty. 🙂 The thing is living in a small town, I knew all of them.

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