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The power of words . . .

Too sleepy to write tonight . . . so I thought I would reblog a couple of old posts. Feels good to read them and know I have made some head way . . . I think this is the longest I have every gone between posts. Hope to be back to my original weeklies soon. Dang I miss writing. Feel free to share ūüôā

Bare Naked in Public


I have an amazing memory. I remember details of appearance and setting, depth of emotion, and the impact and power of words exchanged. My long time girlfriends are both envious and terrified by this gift of mine. All I need is a small detail, a word, a picture in my head, and someone to say . . . Remember the time . . . Before anyone can stop me, I begin to rattle off who was there, what they wore and what was said. The recalling and reminiscing can make us laugh out loud, as I provide details of our shared experiences. Sometimes the memories are cringe worthy as my friends beg me to stop the retelling before I reveal an embarrassing detail that they can only vaguely recall. Still the laughter ensues because  we are old friends and nothing is sacred, nothing we cannot accept about one another’s past, a benefit of long and trusted friendships. I think they tolerate my story telling because…

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3 Responses to “The power of words . . .”

  1. calensariel

    SO beautiful and true… You know you’re not alone in that affirmation struggle, right? Psychology tells us we need five affirmations for every negative comment to stay balanced. That’s bad enough, but you’re right about the brain just not accepting the positive affirmations. It’s so much easier to hold onto the negative no matter HOW MANY positive comments we get. We just don’t hear the positive, imo. Someone says to me, You look really great today!, and what I hear is, Man! I must have looked like crap yesterday! I think I’m put together wrong. But I know it’s not just me.

    Accepting that reality is my greatest challenge. And that’s the reality for so many of us. Sigh… Great post, girlfriend!

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      • calensariel

        I think for me when I was working with Evan, the biggest thing was getting to the place where not only did I NOT have to be perfect, but perfect can make one really dull. I’d never heard anyone say that before. It did give me some relief…

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