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Letting go and starting fresh . . . Bring on 2015


I am not a fan of New Year’s Eve. I never have been. Over the years I’ve participated in every type of New Year’s celebration, dinner parties and dancing, family nights, a couple trips to Vegas. I can only think of a few times that met my expectations, and probably because I didn’t have any. With that in mind, I decided weeks ago . . . no big plans. Instead, I offered to babysit my grandson so his parents could enjoy a night out. I was excited, his first sleepover at my house, the best way to spend New Year’s Eve.

My daughter called me early in the week with a change in plan . . . she and her husband decided to have a family type celebration with friends and all the kiddos were included. I was disappointed for me, but I knew they would have a blast. Now I needed a new plan for ignoring the ringing in of the new year. I decided on an evening walk with friends, a trip to the grocery store, then treating myself to a movie, and in bed before midnight. While plans changed a bit, I ended up doing the things I enjoy.

I walked with my girlfriends as the sun set, a beautiful cold and crispy night. I spotted a Great Blue Heron in the evening shadows as we headed back, always a treat. As my walking pals headed home, another girlfriend arrived, a last-minute, and welcome, dinner date. I whipped up a delicious Italian feast. Okay, it was leftovers, but homemade and super yummy. We shared a bottle of wine, talked about friendships, and we scarfed like good Italian girls should. I posted  a photograph of our empty plates on Facebook, we played with our phones, texting and messaging, trying to stir up some trouble. In the end, it was just the two of us watching Sex and the City reruns, and laughing. I was grateful for her company, and the relaxing low-key evening. She headed out after ten, and we joked about being unable to keep our eyes open.

Though I was tired, I started perusing my favorite blogs and watched more reruns. A sweet text from my son, wishing me a Happy New Year, arrived just before midnight, then one from my daughter, and then fireworks . . . 2015 had arrived. I had a tiny pang in my heart . . . wondering who was kissing who. And then I decided to stop. I shook it off and remembered my girlfriends, my children, my grandson, my family. I am loved.

Yes, it’s the New Year, traditionally a time to evaluate, make changes, and resolutions. Right? But in the big scheme of things this once a year gig just isn’t enough . . . after all, every minute of every day is a chance, an opportunity, for me to start something new, to choose a new path, to feel a new way.

The possibilities are endless . . . today and every day.

Happy New Year! Happy New Day! Happy New Minute!


7 Responses to “Letting go and starting fresh . . . Bring on 2015”

  1. phyllis kerlin

    Have a lovely year, my friend. I’m glad you stayed in, I love staying in on New Year’s Eve too… no expectations always brings a great gift that I would have never noticed otherwise. Last night’s : finding an old childhood wool blanket in a cupboard, with a bookmark tucked in from long ago. Thank you, chilly New Year’s Eve!!

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  2. SilverGirl

    Love it!
    I’ve had a few New Years Eves in the city, drinking too much and being crazy silly – it was fun and I’m glad I have those wild memories but it was never fulfilling – I was more doing what everyone else did and drowning my sorrows with lashings of food and alcohol – more wild debauchery than anything! My ex. loved that lifestyle but I was always looking for something more intimate and more meaningful.
    Over the last 8 years some NYE’s have been completely alone in front TV, I remember one with just my mum and dad watching very old movies etc..
    These are memories that I treasure, the quieter, more meaningful more intimate memories. xx

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  3. Dan

    We choose to stay in here too since it’s National Amateur Drunk Driving Night. We aren’t much on going out to drink anyway. We can mix as good a drink as they do and not have to worry about driving home. If we like the taste of the drink, we don’t have to mix it as potent so we can enjoy more of them if we wish. I can drink three piña coladas if I want if they aren’t high octane. Love coconut and pineapple. I was emailing with some of my community New Years eve and watching the tube with my wife.

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